Manga based on this season's anime

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Hello,I am able to update store blog again this week. Thanks to all of you who accessed the blog. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you.Japan's hottest summer on record is now over, and it is no longer possible to spend time in short sleeves.According to a study, the ability to enjoy human experiences declines with age.For someone like me, who is still interested in manga, anime, and video games even as an adult, this is something I understand with a real sense of reality.This is more powerful than the societal demand that "you are not...

How are you liking this season's anime?

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Ⓒ近藤憲一/集英社・ダークギャザリング製作委員会 How are you liking this season's anime?I have been slacking on updating store blog so no one may have seen it.But I have changed my mind and from now on I will provide information about my store and Japan from here about once a week.I am talking about this season's anime.I like "Dark Gathering" although it is not a fall start anime.It is a wicked anime that mixes wet horror based on human resentment with the concept of Pokémon battles.As the 24-episode series reaches the halfway point, the concept of the work is becoming clearer, and the fun is...

What is Q-to Japan?

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Nice to meet you all! You will find not only the latest works...ONIMAI, Vinland Saga S2, BLUELOCK , Chainsaw Man, Spy Family etc... but also the works that made you start to watch anime, the books of the animators who drew those beautiful scenes, the books of the directors who created the works.We also have a collection of items that will deepen your experience of animation, such as books of drawings by the animators who drew those beautiful scenes, materials to learn about the creative history of the production director, and other items that will help you find the right...