Manga based on this season's anime

Manga based on this season's anime

Oct 17 2023 0 Comments Japanese animation Manga Store Management


I am able to update store blog again this week. Thanks to all of you who accessed the blog. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you.
Japan's hottest summer on record is now over, and it is no longer possible to spend time in short sleeves.

According to a study, the ability to enjoy human experiences declines with age.
For someone like me, who is still interested in manga, anime, and video games even as an adult, this is something I understand with a real sense of reality.
This is more powerful than the societal demand that "you are not old enough to love anime and video games anymore.
It is no longer unusual for me to drop a video game halfway through because I cannot sustain my interest.
On the other hand, my personal feeling is that Japanese manga can be enjoyed even by the elderly.
This is because many works are produced in a superior form of expression and present an understanding of human beings and criticism of society that surpasses that of high literature.
Some may say, "No, there are also many works that are worthless, immoral. Let's talk about this another time.

If you have any questions about this store, please contact us using the chat form (red letter symbol) at the bottom right of the screen.

In my store, I have listed the original manga of this season's anime productions.
All items are in Japanese. Unfortunately, my store does not currently offer a service that supports transcending language barriers.
If you are interested in the original essence of the work beyond the anime episode, please check it out.

Frieren Beyond Journey's End
Ragna Crimson
The Eminence in Shadow

I am planning to add more manga works to my store lineup.
Please contact me if you would like me to exhibit any of these works.
Let's enjoy what we can enjoy now.


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