What is Q-to Japan?

What is Q-to Japan?

Feb 01 2023 0 Comments Comiket Event Exclusive Japanese animation Manga Video Game

Nice to meet you all!

You will find not only the latest works...ONIMAI, Vinland Saga S2, BLUELOCK , Chainsaw Man, Spy Family etc... but also the works that made you start to watch anime, the books of the animators who drew those beautiful scenes, the books of the directors who created the works.
We also have a collection of items that will deepen your experience of animation, such as books of drawings by the animators who drew those beautiful scenes, materials to learn about the creative history of the production director, and other items that will help you find the right one.
We aim to help you find the items that will deepen your animation experience.

I am Shou, a owner of the Q-to Japan store.
For those of you who are new here, I would like to introduce Q-to Japan, a store that you may not have heard of yet.
Q-to Japan sells books and other goods related to Japanese anime and video games.
All of these items are sold and shipped from Japan.
The store's staff are all Japanese.

q-to Japan was established in 2007 , Osaka Japan.
Our goal was to transmit Japanese anime and game content all over the world.
Since our founding, we have been active on eBay.com for 15 years, and through more than 28,000 transactions with customers around the world, we have provided items to help them better understand and enjoy Japanese anime and games.
We have received many satisfied feedbacks from our customers all over the world on eBay.

Please refer to the buyer comments in our Feedback profile here.

Why did you set up an independent store from eBay?
Because we are ready to offer more effective and sensitive services.
This store offers a series of products that were not available on eBay.
We can also accept pre-orders for made-to-order items that require a long pre-order period.
We will take the time to listen to your needs regarding the Japanese products you are looking for and can offer them to you for a reasonable fee.

Of course we have anime and game merchandise. We also offer artwork and settings, designs, original key frame animation etc. from films.
You can leave finding event-only merchandise from the Comiket or comic market and other events held locally in Japan to us.
We also accept pre-orders of the latest goods and figures.

All authentic Japanese items.
All shipping packet has tracking.

Here are some of our warehouses.
From here we deliver items all over the world.

You can ask us about anything else in Japan that you are interested in.
Current topic, Culture, Sightseeing, Comic Convention Event, all OK!
We are looking forward to you contacting us. Please use chat form in the lower right corner (red letter symbol).

Thank you!


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