How are you liking this season's anime?

How are you liking this season's anime?

Oct 11 2023 0 Comments


How are you liking this season's anime?
I have been slacking on updating store blog so no one may have seen it.
But I have changed my mind and from now on I will provide information about my store and Japan from here about once a week.

I am talking about this season's anime.
I like "Dark Gathering" although it is not a fall start anime.
It is a wicked anime that mixes wet horror based on human resentment with the concept of Pokémon battles.
As the 24-episode series reaches the halfway point, the concept of the work is becoming clearer, and the fun is only going to accelerate.

Ⓒ小林大樹/SQUARE ENIX・「ラグナクリムゾン」製作委員会

I also recommend "Ragna Crimson" which will start in the fall.
It is a kind of Japanese SF fantasy in which the protagonist is given excessive favor, but this work is different in that both allies and enemies are subjected to severe ordeals.

Unfortunately, my store does not currently carry these related goods or the complete set of the original comics, but if you wish, I can get them in stock.
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